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MOUAU Female Student Aborts 7 Months Baby Prematuredly


THERE was pandemonium Thursday at the new female hostel in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture over a female student who aborted and dumped a foetus claim to be five Month Old at the backyard of the hostel. The MOUAU female student is believed to have drunk a strong concoction or take a hot injection into her system that resulted in a backyard abortion of the advanced pregnancy. learnt that the black plastic bag in which the foetus was wrapped was dumped where female students usually fetch water. An eyewitness, Precy Nenyenwa Amadi, a student of Michael Okpara University told us: “As at 8.45am today at the new female hostel there was a great uproar regarding to what a female student did by aborting a baby that is claimed to be above 5months (the parts of the body have been formed). Some matured ladies said, this act was perfectly done by taking in a ‘hot injection’ into the body system to shrink the baby for smooth removal. However, this incident happened closed to my window just behind the place we fetch our water and such sacrilage must have been done at night. Its really and eye-sore and the girls were laying curses on the girl that did such thing. The boys left their hostel to the girls hostel but they were not allowed to enter and see the abominable act commited.

The question is, Who could have done such an outrageous act? Can a general DNA test be performed to know the culprit?

Efforts to obtain more information on the matter from the Vice- Chancellor of the University proved fruitless.

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  1. Wow this is terrible. How can the mother of this baby be this heartless and wicked? Children are a gift from God but why throw yours into the gutter?

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