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Maradona, Ex-Wife Reunion Suffers Setback


A try to settle the problem between Diego Maradona and his ex-wife, Claudia Villafane whom he blamed for the disappearance of $6 million from his fortune has been shattered.


Maradona, 54, says the funds were taken from several of
his Argentinian and foreign bank accounts.
The case is now expected to go to court.

Diego Maradona and ex-wife Claudia Villafane
Speaking to reporters, Villafane’s lawyer Fernando
Burlando said: “The mediation session is over.

“We will see what Maradona and his counsel want to do. The
case may go to court, here or in the United States.”

Villafane is the mother of his two daughters Dalma and
Gianinna. The 53 year-old launched the divorce
proceedings as she manages her ex-husband’s assets so
that she can keep the estate that goes to her daughters,
who have backed their mother.


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