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How to Stop the Pop-ups on Android

Have you ever downloaded a game on your phone  and every time you hit a page, an ad pops up?This will result to several data consumption and irritation too.  Ignoring it, closing it repeatedly is such a frustrating experiance. It was super irritating, though. These ads aren’t only irritating, they cost money too. Even if you don’t click on them, they eat up your data plan every time they pop up, and even if you close them out, most of the time they run in the background. So how do you get rid of them?
Method #1: Do a scan for malware

Malware. Malicious software. Malware can mean spyware, ransomware – and/or adware.

Adware is malware that delivers ads automatically, and pop-up ads are a huge part of it. Hopefully you have some kind of great anti-virus software installed on your device; if you do, make sure it’s configured to do automatic scans. In this situation, you need to go into the program and manually scan it yourself to make sure that the pop-ups you have are not adware.

There are websites that will scan your device, as well. Some carriers, such as Verizon, have manual virus scans you can do right from their website. In any case, before you go delving into the deep dark places of your device that might be causing your pop-ups, do a malware scan first.
Method #2: Manually get rid of them in your browser

There are pop-up blockers built into both the Android and Chrome browsers that work really well. Here’s how to enable them.
For Android:

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First, open Internet (which is the built-in Android browser). When the browser is open, look at the very (right) end of the address bar and you’ll see three vertical dots. Tap on them.

After you tap on the dots, you’ll get a drop-down menu. Go down the menu until you see Settings. Select it.

In the Settings screen, scroll down until you see “Advanced” option. Tap on it.

In the Advanced screen, go down the list and select Content settings.

This is the screen where you can block the pop-ups. Go down the Content settings screen and put a checkmark in the box to the right of “Block pop-ups..”

You have now blocked pop-ups in your Android browser.

For Chrome:

As you did with the Android browser, go up to the very (right) end of the address bar and tap on the three dots.

A drop-down menu will appear when you click on the three dots. Go down the list until you see Settings; select it.

On the Settings screen, go down the list to Site settings and tap on that. When the Site settings screen appears, select Pop-ups.

When you are on the Pop-ups screen, you’ll see a tab to the very right of the screen across from where it says Pop-ups. Pop-ups will say Block (recommended) underneath or Allowed. If you slide the tab to the left and it is grayed out, you are blocking pop-ups in Chrome. If you slide the tab to the right, and it shows a colored option (mine shows blue below), you are allowing pop-ups in Chrome.
Your Chrome browser will now block pop-ups.

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Method #3: Install an ad blocker

There are apps for everything. Another way to block pop-ups on your device if you don’t do it in your browser is to download and install an ad blocker. You can compare two of the best ad blockers on the market here at MTE.

Method #4: Find the app that’s giving you pop-ups

If you have been getting pop-ups for awhile and don’t know what’s causing them, most likely they are associated with apps that you have already installed on your device.

If you suddenly start getting pop-ups and have recently installed an app, the app you just installed is the culprit; stop right there and uninstall it.

If you’re like me and install apps all the time, you’ll start getting pop-ups at some point and won’t know which one caused it.  Think back to the last time you installed an app and try uninstalling it.

It you don’t know what app is causing them, download an app that will find which one it is. (Note that these apps will not give you pop-ups.)

How to uninstall an app on Android:

Devices are different, but no matter what the format, you can uninstall an app the same way on any Android device. The screenshots below wil take you step by step through the process and are from my Galaxy Note 4.

First go to Settings.

Scroll down the list of Settings categories your device will have listed (Wireless and Networks, Personal, Account, System, etc.) until you see Applications. Select it.
On the Application screen, click on Application Manager.
After you click on Application manager, you will be presented with all of the applications on your device. They are listed under Downloaded, SD Card, All, or Running. You are only concerned with the ones you have downloaded; Select it.
All of the apps you have downloaded yourself are under that tab, and if there is an app causing your pop-ups, it’s on this list. My Note, for example, came pre-installed with a game called Clash of Kings, and I have been getting so many pop-ups about help tips and cheats for the game I am fairly certain that this is the one causing them. (By the way, games are a huge source of pop-up advertising.)

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Go down the list until you see the app you think is causing the pop-ups. To uninstall Clash of Kings, I went down the list and left-clicked on Uninstall, which took me to the Clash of Kings app page.

A dialog box will pop up confirming you want to uninstall the app. Uninstall it.

That’s it. Four methods of getting rid of pop-ups that work; use one of them. It’ll give you more quality time to play your game.


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