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How To Root Any Android 5.1 Phones

There is no big deal in rooting the latest android version. If you can root the previous versions, you can as-well root these new versions. If you carefully follow my steps, you can break into any android extra super-user mode where you will not be limited.
REQUIREMENTS for rooting android version 5.1 smartphones

  • Download the necessary USB Drivers direct to the computer you are using during this guide.
  • Revoke any changes you might have made to any system apps. Doing so minimizes the risk of getting stuck in a boot loop.
  • Backup the data using any number of apps from Google Play and factory reset your device before continuing.
  • You don’t have to take the reset option, but doing so increases your chances of rooting related problems for this method.


  • Download Avicohh’s tool, Kingroot or iRoot from the links directly to the desktop of the Windows PC.
  • Extract the contents of the package by right-clicking the file and choosing the “extract here” option.
  • Now you’ll see the executable program in the unzipped file. Run the rooting tool on the computer.
  • Connect the phone to the desktop with the USB cable you already know from charging.
  • Make sure you put your phone in Usb Debug Mode. You can do so by going to settings and tapping the “Build number” repeatedly until the developer mode is activated. Then go to the Developer option to activate the Debug mode.
  • Launch the downloaded app and one the phone is connected, Click on Root.
    Note: You may need an active internet connection for this on-click root to take place.
  • Your phone will restart afterwards.
  • That’s All!
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  1. Christian Albarico

    I have rooted my Samsung Galaxy S4 with ( successfully but i also have SONY Xperia M4 which i wanted to root also but it says the current version those not support my phone. Do you this this methods mentioned on this post would be successful in rooting my other phone? Please let me know.

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