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Eyewitness Account Of Fulani Attack In Enugu State (Graphic Pics)

It is with profound pain that I type this information, I am previously aware of the Biblical sayings that the HEART of man is desperately evil but I think the heart of the fulanis is that of the devil himself……

Over the years, we have lived harmoniously in “partial” peace with the Fulanis in the South-East until things started falling apart since early 2011 when they started being torn in our flesh……their wicked act predates Buhari’s regime but the only major difference between then and now is publicity, believe me the media is not helping matters at all.

How on earth will the national dailies reel out conflicting numbers of victims in the same incidence? Are they that lazy to stay in their AC office and grant fictitious interviews to anonymous persons even when in this case every body is authorized to speak? Punch wrote 20 dead, sun-15 dead, Nairaland written by deluded FKK and his cohorts, 40 ,100 and even quoting 200 dead…….hmmm, to put the record straight so far about 6 dead bodies have been discovered and deposited at the Bishop Shanahan mortuary.

I must and also encourage you to commend the resilience and courage of the youth of that NIMBO community in Uzor-Uwani Local Govt. Of Enugu state…….they showed they were not cowards by doing everything within their powers to resist their attackers…………the crux of the matter is that the Fulani herdsmen numbering around 50 took them unawares at around 3am in the morning, on sensing the impending danger, they rang the town bell when unknown to them the Fulanis had laid ambush, the men on hearing the bell started coming out to the village square to know what was going on.

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On sighting people coming out for the meeting, the herdsmen started shooting sporadically and the people initially scampered for safety… the dark early hours of the day, they scared away many of them and set 2houses, car and some motorcycles ablaze, they continued till around 6.30am when the men came out from their hiding places and assembled to arm themselves and pursue the Fulanis who hard ran away through a neighboring Kogi village.

Shortly, the police and Army arrived the scene and foiled the attempted revenge mission, they surrounded the village and shoot sporadically into the air to calm down the saturated atmosphere…the people relaxed,corporated with them and started looking 4 the dead and injured victims to rescue. As at monday morning, 5 dead bodies with many injured ones were taken to Nsukka, the sixth corpse was discovered in the bush yesterday when the Governor visited.

As usual, many Nairalanders propounded many theories about the incidence to cajole the public into what they believe in…………… wrote that the Governor called Buhari but He refused to answer, does it mean if the Governors immediate family was involved that he will wait for Buhari to order police for rescue?……..why don’t they wait for Buhari’s order before going for mass arrest of unsuspecting members of the public whose only offense is that the Police needed bail out money for their selfish greed?
Again, that some of the displace villagers are taking refuge in some primary schools in Nsukka, which is a blatant lie,no body was displaced that much, the people of the community went about their normal Business yesterday, and that was why the Governor was able to address them in the market area where normal trade was going on or were they transported from the IDP camp to meet the Governor? As a result the whole community of Fulani ran away from the Local Government and the neighboring towns, and the villagers had a crucial meeting meeting where they agreed on the way 4wrd before seeing the Governor. However, after crying yesterday, the Governor promised #100k to each family of the victim and #5mill to the traditional ruler to cater for the injured…..

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For sending the commissioner of Police, GOC 82Div, the state Governor and the IG of police to the scene within 48hrs, I think the federal Government has shown concern which will remain cosmetic concern till the perpetrators of the pogrom are brought to book

Eyewitness Account Of Fulani Attack In Enugu State (Graphic Pics)

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  1. Sorry, to pose this question to the writer of this piece; which eyewitness are you referring to? Where you at the scene of the massacre?
    And who on earth told your nose abi na ear witness that it was 6persons?
    It is pertinent to note that people are currently taking refuge in Nsukka. I agree with you that no school is been used as an IDP camp.
    Mr writer, that within 48 hours the President gave marching orders to the security outfit to curtail this ugly incident, is if no significance; who brings back the dead? What and where went the security operatives when the attack ensued? The most vital question is to determine where they went these operatives that we pay with our taxes? Actually, who ordered then to leave? I am very doubtful that you are a witness to any if the happenings on that fateful Monday of death.

    • Thank you for your response Mr. Emeka, but the reporter wrote as he managed to gather. It would seem inferior to alter pieces of information realised.

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