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Sony plans to boost battery performance 40 percent by 2020

In 1991, Sony introduced the first commercial lithium-ion battery. While it took a few years for the invention to gather steam, lithium-ion technology is now the cornerstone of our entire battery industry. Now, the Japanese company wants to revolutionize the industry again, and claims it can boost existing battery capacities by up to 40%, with commercial introduction slated for 2020.

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Apple to launch Apple Pay in China

Apple to launch Apple Pay in China Apple Inc said it will launch its payment service in China as soon as 2016, pitting it against entrenched Chinese rivals Alibab

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How to charge your phone without electricity

We all know that electricity in Nigeria is not constant and so we look for alternative means to charge our devices.

Do you know you can charge the your device with the battery of a ups? Here’s How:

Am sure you all know what a UPS Device is used for. In case you don’t know, UPS is an abbreviation for Un-interrupted Power Supply. It stores current whic

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Newest On MTN BB10 Latest Plan Codes

Most people are having issues subscribing to Mtn BB10 daily, weekly and monthly subscriptions on their android Phones. This post will give you new code to be used. Most people who have this problem are those that their subscription is not at auto renewal but no stress, new codes are now available.

Below is a culled page from MTN Nigeria , detailing MTN’s Blackberry service

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How To Update Your Facebook Cover Picture On Your Java/Symbian Phones


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How A Cancer Of Corruption Kills Nigeria (Video With Documentary Evidence)

In Nigeria, where corruption is part of daily life, police officers routinely demand bribes, local government leaders pocket money meant for schools and the former national security advisor is accused of stealing billions from the military. As part of a week-long series “Nigeria: Pain and Promise,” special correspondent Nick Schifrin reports on the challenges of fighting corruption.

How A Cancer Of Corruption Kills Nigeria (Vide

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How to Download Facebook Videos on iPhone

Watching online videos on smartphones are getting popular these days. While listening to music still stays as one of the most favorite things to do while commuting to work or while killing leisure time. People have started to develop an affinity towards online videos on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. However, the only point where they lag out is the data consumption.

YouTube nowadays provides a way using which one can download videos offline while on Wi-Fi and then have a look at it later. But Facebook hasn’t come out with any of such options yet. Well, you can save a video to a list, but would still need an internet connection to buffer the videos. We have tal Read More »

Security Message For Nigerians

The festive season is usually characterized by increased criminal activities. Please be guided by the following tips:

1. Personal Security

* Keep a low profile, blend in and be alert to developments in your environment.

* Avoid known crime-prone areas and black spots.

* Avoid routine pattern of movements and late night outings. The more predictable your movements and schedules are, to and from places of leisure, entertainment, worship, shopping, schooling, the easier it is for a kidnapper to plan and execute your abduction.

* Avoid undue exposure, inclusive of your family members.

* Save emergency numbers on your phone with speed dial for easy cal Read More »

How to Schedule Instagram Posts on iPhone and Android

If you’re a social media manager, there are tools like Buffer and Hootsuite to make your life easier. You can schedule a week’s worth of posts in advance and they’ll go out to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and even LinkedIn without any issue. One name that’s always absent from this list is Instagram.

From all the above social networks, Instagram is the only one that’s still considered “cool”. Naturally, marketers want to use Instagram to reach a larger audience, but Instagram doesn’t seem to care that much. The reason it’s not support Read More »

LG Develops Cheapest Android Phone at 2000 Naira For One piece

GOOD NEWS ANDROID LOVERS,most of you must have heard about the LG16 on walmart? if not read on.
Its true these LG devices Tracfone lucky LG16 and LG15G are being sold at $9.82 on walmart.

It seems android phones are beco Read More »