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10 Things You Didn’t Know Your Android Phone Could Do

Android being an open source project, relies heavily on the fact that OEMs can not only tweak their Operating System but also enhance it further by adding more awesomeness to it. Remember features like Wi-Fi Hotspot, USB OTG and even a fingerprint scanner were not in-built to Android from the beginning. These came about being a part of Android only after one or the other OEM successfully implemented it in one (or several) of their products.

So, what else can Android phones do?

  1. Remotely Control Your Android
    This is one of the coolest features that I’ve found to be on Android devices, whether high-end flagships or even budget offerings. With apps like TeamViewer, you can easily control your Android remotely with a PC. Using Chrome extensions like Vysor, you can even get remote assistance.
  2. Wirelessly Transfer Files Android to PC
    It’s 2015 and slowly we’re using cables lesser and lesser. So why should you use any while transferring those images and videos from your last holiday? Use apps like AirDroid 3 and others.
  3. Control Other Devices with IR
    Quite a few new flagship Android devices have an IR blaster on them and that means you can control other products with it. Simply install apps like Peel and you can easily change channels on your TV set or even set the temperature on your Air Conditioner.
  4. Track Your Android from Anywhere
    Lost your phone? No need to panic, if you’ve running Android. With the inclusion of Android Device Manager and 3rd party apps like Cereberus and Avast, you can rest a little easy and track your Android device from anywhere that has an internet connection.
  5. Counts Your Steps Without Needing Extra Hardware
    A lot of Android smartphones these days have enough sensors that can keep a track of the number of steps you take, without the needed of buying a band. In fact, I like this feature so much that I’ve refrained from using any health band and simply relied on apps like Google Fit, Runtastic and Endomondo (with various phones at various times, of course).
    Please Note: These apps will work well with certain Android phones which have needed sensors to track steps. If your phone doesn’t have those, you will not be able to utilize this feature.
  6. Turns Into a Game Console
    Well, your Android phone certainly can’t transform itself like Bumblebee, but pair it with a MHL cable and you can project your games to any TV. There are a number of gamepads available too, for those who have deeper pockets and don’t want a larger screen, or want a portable gaming console.
  7. Use it as a Surveillance Camera
    With apps like IP Webcam it is pretty easy to turn your Android device to a Surveillance Camera.
  8. Record Your Screen
    Although not a path breaking feature, it’s still cool that you can record everything you do on your Android screen to send a quick video to your dad who doesn’t know how to even turn Mobile Data on/off (bad example?). Earlier this required rooting your Android phone, but now you can do so without going through those additional steps.
  9. Play Multiplayer Local Wi-Fi Games in Android Mobile
    As long as you and your friends on the same Wi-Fi, there are plenty of games on the Play Store which lets you enjoy games against or with each other. Some of these include Asphalt 8, Brothers in Arms 3 and Let’s Golf! 3
  10. Tells You if You’re Gonna Have a Stroke!
    May all our readers be in the best of health, but heaven forbid if you feel like you’re having a stroke, an Android phone can confirm whether it’s just that or a false alarm. Apps like Instant Heart Rate are pretty accurate at telling you what your heart rate is and don’t need extra sensors like those found on the Samsung Galaxy S6.
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